24/7 Emergency Towing Service in NYC

We all have been there in the middle of nowhere, stranded on an empty and deserted road. If you do not like the idea of having to wait for somebody to stop and assist you then give us a call to take advantage of our auto towing services!

We pride ourselves in providing affordable, professional and reliable towing services to Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas including Queens, Bronx, Staten Island & Manhattan, Give us a call so we can get a chance to meet and do business with our responsible towing company.

We respond fast and work clean with all New York state licenses on board. Customer service is what our focus is, we want to make sure your at comfort during the towing process.

#1 Towing Company

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Roadside Services

We have the power to tow everything from motorcycles to cars, light duty trucks and heavy duty trucks, our quick response roadside and towing services are fast.


Private Property

At Hook and Go Towing we will provide services around the clock 24/7, so know that whenever you need our services there is somebody whom you can depend upon.


Blocked Driveway Towing

A blocked driveway is an inconvenience, here we can help and guide you on how to get your driveway unblocked within minutes so you can go on with your day.